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Labels frustrate me.  Gay, straight, male, female, atheist, theist, Republican, Democrat - all of them do.  Because we use these labels to sort people into these groups and make blanket assumptions about the lot of them based solely on these labels.

But when we assume characteristics about a person based on a label (even if it is one that they have applied to themselves), we are not allowing ourselves to truly know that person, and they get judged before we know anything about them.

People are far too complex to just be able to tell everything, or even anything, about them from a few adjectives.  Someone might be a gay Democratic politician but they could still be hateful towards Jews.  Someone with a PhD in theoretical physics could be a staunch Christian.

But we assume things about people - we assume that atheism is associated with intelligence or amorality (depending on the lens through which you look at it), theism with ignorance or morality.  We assume that people born with a Y chromosome will fit into Male gender roles.  We assume that a white straight male is automatically born into a better situation than a black gay female.  We assume that teens are too stupid to think about anything except sex and music, and that adults are too busy thinking about more important things.  We assume so many things about so many people that are completely arbitrary.

And I’m sick of it.  If someone is an atheist, it means they do not believe that there is a God.  It does not make them a better person than any Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Jew, nor does it make them a worse person.  If someone is born with two X chromosomes, it means that they will have breasts and a vagina.  It does not mean they must wear dresses instead of suits, it does not mean they cannot call themselves Steven.  If someone is a Republican, or Conservative, it means they have a Conservative political ideology.  It does not mean they hate black people, gay people, or poor people.

So please, I ask you, if you find yourself generalizing about whole groups, painting the world in these us vs. them (white vs. non-white, cis vs. LGBTQ, women vs. men, conservative vs. liberal, atheists vs. theists) ways, remind yourself that the world is NOT split up into good people and Death Eaters - it is FAR, FAR more complex than that.

Even though we are in a world where we interact with far more people than our brains evolved to interact with and treat as individual people, we must do our best to overcome this bias to sort others into these groups, and make assumptions about a person’s identity based on a particular facet of it.

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Tell Former State Senator That Shooting Victims Didn't "Lack Courage"!


Tell Former State Senator That Shooting Victims Didn’t “Lack Courage”!

The gunman at the theater shooting in Colorado was dressed entirely in bulletproof gear. He was heavily armed, threw tear gas into the theater before he began shooting, and was acting in a dark, crowded theater. In 90 seconds, when law enforcement responded, he had injured 70 people.

Despite all of that though, former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce thinks that one of the people in the theater should have been able to stop the shooter. In a Facebook post, Pearce criticized the folks in the theater for not being armed and for a “lack of courage”. He said that all that was needed was “one courageous/brave man prepared mentally or otherwise to stop this”.

So many people risked their lives to save loved ones or even strangers, putting themselves in the line of fire to block others from the bullets — these people definitely did not lack courage, and to say so is insulting.

Please tell former Arizona State Senator Russell Pearce that the shooting victims did not lack courage! 

— Brittany 

Not atheism related, but I think it’s important to correct ignorant statements like Senator Pearce’s.

This was a human tragedy, not a call for laissez faire gun policies or John Wayne wannabes, and I think that some people need to realise that before they make things worse.

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